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Wedding Hair Courses

The main purpose of the ITEC Level 3 Award in Bridal Hairstyling is to enable learners to gain the necessary practical skills and knowledge to provide Bridal styling to the general public and gain employment within the wedding industry.



The qualification also provides opportunities for learners to focus on the development of their wider skills in a bridal styling, creating social media content and communicating with clients, and problem solving.
Learners will also be able to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities, and attitudes essential for successful performance in employment as a Bridal Hair stylist.


This course will provide skills in the bridal styling industry for you to create your own business as a freelancer or working in a beauty salon.


Teaching will be in a practical academy environment where the focus will be on the development of the skills required to ensure satisfactory employment in industry. The main skills the learner will perform are:

  • Client care
  • Design and dress bridal hair
  • Create hair down and hair up designs
  • Product knowledge
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Health and safety
  • Business advice

The learner will also develop knowledge about related health and safety and client care and communication which is essential to work and be successful in the Bridal hairstylist or Makeup Artist.


This is a course including theory and practical modules which learners undertake within the academy for their practical assessment and create a portfolio showing evidence of their work.


Bridal Hairstyling Portfolio of evidence 3 designs Pass 60%- 74%, Merit 75% –
74%, Distinction 90% – 100%


On completing the course students will be able to perform to industry expectations:

  • Photographic Bridal Styling
  • Pin curling
  • Using different hot tools to create different curling techniques
  • Use of Pinning
  • How to use products on different hair types
  • Crating beautiful hair up and hair down designs


It is recommended that learners should have achieved a Level 2 Diploma in Beauty . Makeup or hairstyling prior to commencing the ITEC Level 3 Award Bridal hair styling
Learners (over 18) are accepted, subject to satisfactory literacy and numeracy tests, work experience( if applicable) and a strong personal statement.


Further training
Once Learners have achieved the ITEC Level 3 Award Bridal hair styling progress on to other ITEC or equivalent qualifications at level 3 or other courses for example:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Theatre and Media Makeup
  • ITEC Certificate in Bridal Makeup


Artist to find employment in a variety of areas:

  • Beauty Salons
  • Professional Stylist
  • Celebrity Hair styling
  • Bridal Magazines
  • Own Business
  • Freelancer


Programme title: ITEC Level 3 Award Bridal hair styling
Awarding body: ITEC
Location: 1-5 High Street, Romford, RM1 1JU
Delivery mode: Part time/ Full time (5 day or 10 Week evening courses available)
Fees: ITEC Level 3 Award Bridal hair styling £699. Payment plans available
Equipment: Hair Kit included

Enquire about this course.

Telephone: 01708459644


Wedding Hair Course

The wedding industry is a realm where beauty and perfection blend to create unforgettable moments. In this world, hairstyling stands as a pivotal element of bridal elegance, requiring a blend of skill, creativity, and understanding of current trends. Final Checks Academy offers a specialised wedding hair course, uniquely designed to propel aspiring hairstylists into a flourishing career path.

Our wedding hair course will reward you with a ITEC Level 3 qualification. This can give you the skills and confidence to style bridal hair.

The demand for specialised wedding hairstylists has seen a steady increase, with more brides seeking personalised, high-quality styling for their big day. This bridal hair course opens doors to numerous opportunities, from freelance wedding hairstyling to collaborations with renowned salons and bridal boutiques. Graduates of the programme often find themselves in high demand, their specialised skills setting them apart in the beauty industry.

Final Checks Academy stands out for its commitment to excellence. The instructors are seasoned professionals, bringing with them invaluable industry insights and techniques. Their experience ensures that students not only learn the foundational aspects of hair styling but are also exposed to the latest trends and innovations in bridal hair fashion. The academy’s hands-on approach fosters a learning environment where students can practise and perfect their skills, ensuring they are ready upon course completion.

In the ever-evolving world of weddings, staying abreast of current trends is crucial. Final Checks Academy equips its students with the knowledge to understand and interpret these trends, enabling them to create styles that resonate with modern brides. This insight is invaluable for stylists looking to make a mark in the wedding industry, as it allows them to cater to a broad spectrum of bridal preferences, from the traditional to the avant-garde.

We can connect students with industry professionals, providing a platform to build relationships that can lead to collaborative projects and career advancement. Moreover, the course assists in portfolio development, an essential tool for showcasing skills and attracting potential clients.

Working in the wedding industry as a hairstylist offers a unique sense of fulfilment. Our bridal hair course can give you all the tools you need to succeed. There is immense satisfaction in being part of a bride’s special day and enhancing her beauty. The course encourages creative expression, allowing stylists to experiment and develop their unique style – a trait highly valued in the bespoke world of wedding fashion.

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