Terms & Conditions

Below is an outline of our terms and conditions. You can also read our full policies on our website.


All policies avaiable on request as pdf. View our policy page


The Final Checks academy will accept a deposit to hold a students place but all fees must be paid in full no later then 5 weeks prior to the course start date. If this full payment is not made, Final Checks by Danielle Everitt will not accept students onto the course. The deposit fee will be depending on which course you decide to enrol on.

All deposits are non-refundable however, if you cannot attend the course you are booked on to, your deposit can be transferred to the next available course provided you give Final Checks a minimum of 5 weeks written notice to course start date given. (and subject to availability)

Should a student fail to attend a confirmed course or complete the course for any reason (such as illness, personal problems, change of location etc), no refunds of deposits or fees will be made, and no transfer of course dates will take place- unless specified at the discretion of Final Checks.

Final Checks Makeup and Hair Academy reserves the right to re-schedule all courses and no refund will be payable.

Course fees, Weddings, Birthday parties will not be refunded should events be cancelled or interrupted through an act of God or a terrorist act.

All courses and fees are subject to change without prior notice.


All students should arrive on time or contact Final Checks by telephone at the earliest opportunity if they expect to be late/unable to attend. All students enroled on our full time courses need to have 80% above. If students attendance is under 80% 1st stage disciplinary will be given. Final Checks Makeup and Hair Academy reserves the right to withhold certification to students without regular attendance, or the minimum required standard.

Students leave personal belongings at the Final Checks Academy at their own risk. The Academy accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage.

Time off for booked holidays, planned weddings, religious holidays, planned medical appointments etc. must be discussed and agreed with Final Checks before application. We recommend that all absence be avoided where possible.

Students must notify the Final Checks team of any medical conditions or special requirements they may have.


Theft of any Final Checks by Danielle Everitt Academy property is not tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion with no refund on any moneys given to Final Checks by Danielle Everitt thus far.

Students or Clients should not remove any materials from the Studio/Academy without prior consent from a member of the Final Checks team.

Any damage to any Final Checks by Danielle Everitt property or studio premises caused by the Student or Clients will be chargeable.

Throughout the duration of all Final Checks by Danielle Everitt courses students are required to work and practice on each other. This is the case for all modules. If you have a medical condition preventing you to be worked on then you must advise staff at Final Checks prior to booking (preferably at application stage) – supporting documentation may be required so please be prepared for this.

For all equipment loaned to you for the duration of your course, Final Checks by Danielle Everitt accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or misplacement.

Respect and professionalism towards Final Checks staff members, guests and fellow classmates is a required behaviour within and outside the classroom.

All facilities should be left in an acceptable state.


All work and assisting opportunities are subject to availability, not guaranteed and are at the discretion of Final Checks.

If you do not show up to any booked opportunity gained for you, without prior notice and confirmed approval of non attendance, Final Checks by Danielle Everitt will not be able to offer you any more work or assisting opportunities.



The Final Checks academy will accept a deposit of £500 to hold a student’s place. 1st installment must be paid in full no later then 5 weeks prior to the course start date. If this full payment is not made, Final Checks Makeup and Hair Academy will not accept students onto the course unless an agreement between Final Checks and the learner.

1. All Scholarship positions must fulfil their course to receive the full scholarship. If for an circumstances the learner does not complete the full BTEC qualification. The full scholarship will be removed and learner will have to pay the full tuition fees within 3 months of leaving Final Checks Makeup and Hair Academy.
2. It is condition that on commencing all courses that you are liable for the full course fees.
3. If you are dismissed from not following our disciplinary procedures, you must be aware that you will need to continue paying course fees will remain payable in full and need to be settled. 4. We believe all learners have the right to confidentiality protect their interests and ensure a relationship of trust between students. All Scholarships positions must be confidential and discretional within the academy. 5. Learners who don’t respect our confidentiality policy will face disciplinary and, possibly, legal action. We’ll investigate every breach of this policy. We’ll terminate any learner who wilfully breaches the discretion of each individual scholarship received. Our confidentiality and discretion is important to the academy as well as to stop conflict with other learners. We may also have to punish any breach of this policy and revoke the learners scholarship application. If scholarship has been revoked the learner will need to make payment of full course tution fees. A monthly payment plan will be sent to the learner/guardian. If learner refuses this will terminate their position and start the withdrawal procedure, they will not receive any certificate or qualification for those units completed during their training time.


Final Checks reserves the right to ask the learner to leave the course if the learner: is causing disruption: has poor attendance: has breached the rule within the studio, after following the complaints and disciplinary procedure. The learner should note that fees paid are non- refundable and any fees outstanding will have to be settled in full. Full complaints and disciplinary policy on request.


When discussing sensitive personal support issues with a student it is important to adhere to the principle that a general respect for privacy means that matters relating to the support of students must be treated as confidential.

Those advising students should at the outset of a discussion with a student, raise the issue of confidentiality. There are often good reasons why disclosing sensitive information to colleagues is in the best interests of the student, however this is not necessarily a reason to disclose it and it should only be released with the student’s consent.